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“When you are formed and fashioned to do something, you can’t run away from it. That’s what happened to me, and I’m just thankful that destiny itself never expires.” (Lindsay R. Watson)

The driving force behind singer/songwriter Lindsay R. Watson is just that—regardless of life’s obstacles, Lindsay has always found a path leading towards her love of music.

Fast forward to 2018, and in addition to her two albums, awards and chart-topping singles, Miss Watson has found her that her love to uplift others, through public speaking, is just as alluring as her love of music and songwriting.

As a singer/songwriter, public speaker and entrepreneur, Lindsay’s home-base of the Lehigh Valley, PA allows her to travel freely to share her storied past… and present.

Born and raised in New England, the 5’11” songstress began her musical journey in high school as a classically-trained singer and began to perfect her melodic singing style after becoming the lead soloist in her local church. Yearning for something more, she made the difficult decision to stop singing while she waited for an opportunity to branch out from her classical roots.

The serendipitous opportunity presented itself after coming to the attention of producer Di’Mon Brown. After experiencing Lindsay’s undeniable star quality, Di’Mon promptly approached her about recording a debut solo album. Helping Lindsay integrate his unique vision of soul, R&B, and funk music, she transformed from a classical singer into a professional artist and took the Di’Mon Brown sound, made it her own and together developed a genre they call “Sultry-PopFunk”; a cross genre blend of soul, R&B, funk, pop, classical and jazz.

Though the album making process endured frustrations and emotional challenges, Lindsay says her faith in God and perseverance brought her music to fruition.

Lindsay caught the attention of radio and music veterans in 2007 when her single “Willing to Change”, became the fastest rising single in the Independent Music Network’s history, vaulting from number 34 to number 2 in less than two weeks time. Since then, Lindsay’s soulful music has been heard on hundreds of radio stations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. In 2008, Lindsay accomplished another feat by winning Budweiser’s “Battle for the Crown” (Philadelphia) and opening for major R&B artists, including Anthony Hamilton and Kem.

After the release of her sophomore album, “Willing to Change,” (2007), Lindsay took a break from recording and began to seek a new path, that led her to inspirational and contemporary Christian music. Having already released two worship songs on her previous albums (“When you call”, “Only You”), this singer/songwriter has accepted the call to record in that genre, with the sultry pop-funk sound.

Lindsay shares, “I want my audience to truly enjoy my music. I want them to hear the lyrics and say, ‘Yeah, I’ve totally been there before.’ My heart is in this album and I want them to feel that in every song that they hear.” With her undying faith in God, drive to succeed, a new hot sound, and a strong team, the sky is the limit Lindsay R. Watson.